Professional Practice

Code of Professional Practice

Objectivity DeMarco & Associates will at all times maintain and reflect objective and independent viewpoints.

Service to the Client Throughout any consulting relationship, the best interests of the client must be paramount consideration, and he or she is to be served with integrity and competence at all times.

Client Benefit DeMarco & Associates will not accept an assignment unless it has reason to believe it can perform satisfactorily.

Competence DeMarco & Associates will undertake only those assignments in which it has competence and where it believes it can perform satisfactorily.

Confidentiality Information gathered on assignments will be held in strictest confidence.

Fees for Recommendations DeMarco & Associates will not accept fees, commissions or other forms of remuneration as a result of recommending equipment, supplies or services.

Contingent Fees In order to remain truly objective, DeMarco & Associates will not make consulting fees contingent on financial savings to the client, nor should any savings be guaranteed.

PromotionDeMarco & Associates will refrain from self-laudatory statements in its advertising and will promote its services in an ethical and professional manner at all times.

Conflict of InterestDeMarco & Associates will not, at the same time, serve two or more clients who compete directly with each other without full knowledge and approval of both parties.

Professional Improvement DeMarco & Associates will strive to improve the effectiveness of the work of all professional management consultants.

All members of the Association of Management Consultants, a division of the Institute of Management Consultants, must adhere to these standards. In addition, this organization required DeMarco & Associates to have its work products, references and backgrounds reviewed as part of the credentialing process to become a member.