Professional Team

LawrenceSchimmel, MD

Dr. Lawrence Schimmel is equal parts medical professional, business executive, and healthcare visionary, seamlessly combining all three into the leadership he brings to QualMetrix, a company he founded and chairs.

Dr. Schimmel started QualMetrix, a Miami-based healthcare analytics company, to fill a critical need he foresaw as companies in the business of medicine were forced to adapt in the new era of healthcare reform. The former general and vascular surgeon understood that through data analysis his company could provide clients the type of information and recommendations that would reduce costs, enhance the quality of care, and improve prevention/wellness initiatives. By combining a proprietary software product, business intelligence tools, and years of medical expertise/experience, Dr. Schimmel and QualMetrix are enabling health insurance companies, hospitals, employers, managed care providers, and others to do more with less.

Prior to QualMetrix, Dr. Schimmel was founding chairman of Professional Bank and maintained a boutique healthcare consultancy, Allied Health Advisors, LLC. He was also co-founder and CEO of Allied Health Group and Florida Specialty Networks, a national medical management business which annually oversaw the payment of nearly $500 million in healthcare claims, employed more than 400 individuals, and operated from ten regional offices in the U.S. before being sold to Magellan Health Services in 1997.

In addition to his lengthy medical career and a management role with the South Florida Surgical Group, Dr. Schimmel has consulted for physicians, hospitals, healthcare delivery systems, and Fortune 500 companies. The graduate of Rutgers College and the New Jersey College of Medicine has also been a leader in the South Florida banking industry.