Professional Team

Christobel (Chris) Selecky, MA

Ms. Selecky has worked with Pendulum Health in the area of patient engagement and the psychology of patient/physician relationships as part of its work with medical groups and Accountable Care Organizations. Her particular areas of interest are patient and physician engagement in population health improvement programs, integration of wellness and chronic care programs, and patient activation.

She currently provides strategic consulting and advice, both nationally and internationally, to healthcare and technology organizations focusing on disease and care management program analysis and development, strategy and business plan analysis and development, and new product market positioning.

Recent consulting engagements have included developing a physician incentive program to promote the use of evidence-based guidelines for a Middle Eastern health authority, disease management programs for a national managed care organization and an international health insurance company; assisting a multispecialty provider group with their CMS ACO application content; and providing strategic planning support to a major remote patient monitoring company.