Professional Team

Barbara C. Hempy, C.M.C., Principal

Ms. Hempy specializes in the development of business plans, project management and proposal development of each engagement, as well as overall documentation of forecasts and statistical analysis design methods used by project teams for all assignments.

Ms. Hempy directs Warren Surveys, best recognized for its salary and compensation surveys of physicians and health plan managers affiliated with HMOs and managed care companies. The well-known publication, The HMO Executive Salary Survey has been cited in journals and periodicals such as The Wall Street Journal and Health Market Survey for its updates on HMO executive and physician salary trends.

In addition, the research department of Warren Surveys offers updated studies on operational efficiency of health plans including staffing ratios, position descriptions, select studies on bonus and capitation income for physicians, as well as other custom studies.

Together, these firms have conducted substantial research in both the economic and social impact of Physician Payment Reform on physicians, as well as public and private payers. The broad national exposure of both firms to business and providers offers clients an up-to-date perspective on organizational options in designing provider networks, product design, market research and the formation of successful competitive strategy. Prior to joining DeMarco and Associates Ms Hempy held several executive positions with brokerage and insurance firms in Minnesota.

Ms. Hempy received her Bachelor of Arts in Managerial Economics with Honors from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota.