Writing Projects

DeMarco & Associates plays an active role in the managed care industry through presentations seminars, writing projects, articles published in leading managed care industry publications, and through committee participation and membership in associations. Follow the links below to learn more about DeMarco & Associates’ role in the ongoing dialogue and information exchange in managed care.

Authored by William J. DeMarco, president and CEO of DeMarco & Associates

“Physician Driven Health Plans: Innovative Strategies for Restoring Physician-Community Integration” by William J. DeMarco and Ken Hekman, published by McGraw Hill and now available from

“Advanced IPA Management: Direct Contracting” Part of the HFMA Healthcare Financial Management Series and endorsed by The IPA Association of America, this book outlines and discusses concisely the requirements and success criteria that an IPA or physician network contemplating a direct contracting strategy must meet and the implications of this strategy for physician practices. Now available from

Going Prepaid: A Strategic Planning Decision, a monograph authored by William J. DeMarco, M.A, CMC and Thomas J. Garvey, MHA, published by the Center for Research on Ambulatory Health Administration, an affiliate of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). Now available from

Authored by Jennifer Marx, Consulting Analyst, DeMarco & Associates

“Advanced IPA Management: Opportunities for IPAs Under the New Medicare” Part of the HFMA Healthcare Financial Management Series and endorsed by The IPA Association of America, this book addresses the recent introduction of new Medicare product options, such as PSO, PPO and medical savings account plans, and explores the implications and opportunities now present for IPAs who are currently, or plan to be providing services to Medicare beneficiaries.

Collaborative Projects
DeMarco & Associates works with other leading-edge organizations such as InterStudy to collaborate on monographs or contribute chapters to books on relevant and timely managed care topics.

“Capitation: Tools, Trends, Traps and Techniques.” Chapter 10. Medicare: Capitation Under Risk, published by Practice Management Information Corporation, 1998.

“Integrating the Practice of Medicine: A Decision Maker’s Guide to Organizing and Managing Physician Services.” Chapter 19. The Management Services Organization Industry, published by American Hospital Publishing, 1997.

InterStudy, Managed Care Pathways Series: “Medicare Strategy”, a monograph authored by William J. DeMarco, President and CEO, DeMarco & Associates with a foreword by Dr. Paul M. Ellwood, President, Jackson Hole Group.